My Bridge 4 Life™ (MB4L)

What We Do
My Bridge 4 Life™ (MB4L) is revolutionizing the patient treatment and information experience. Utilizing emerging technologies and digital media to create healthcare content, products and services that better health and wellness outcomes worldwide, MB4L is dedicated to improving the patient journey.

Our products include:

Wellness Networks
The MB4L Wellness Network is a proven program and proprietary, patent-pending platform that currently supports patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals in over 50 life-threatening conditions. MB4L partners with leading healthcare organizations and foundations to enhance patient community awareness, engagement and interaction. MB4L wellness networks enable patients to connect for customized professional healthcare content and expert educational support. MB4L also supports the patient community with professionally curated evidence based Tips 4 Life, one-on-one coaching and Video Survival Guides and eBooks featuring leading specialists.

Creative Evolution
Creative Evolution is a process that solicits, gathers, embraces, and enhances the best ideas an entire organization (and its audience) has to achieve the mission of that organization. Once complete, the process synthesizes those ideas collaboratively into a tactical plan of quick wins, then short, mid and long-term initiatives and a set of strategic recommendations to get there. The process has been described as “fun”, “safe”, “inclusive”, “empowering”, and above all … “creative”. Born in our founder’s work at Walt Disney Imagineering, clients utilizing our Creative Evolution services include the National Cancer Institute, Georgia Regents University Cancer Center, SENS Research Foundation.

Infusionarium: Immersive Healing Environments™
MB4L has designed, built and launched an experiential system for “immersive healing environments”; environments created by, with, and for patients that provide them with the optimum place(s) for healing. In collaboration with the world-renowned Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Dr. Leonard Sender and the Hyundai Cancer Institute, MB4L is revolutionizing the patient treatment experience.

MB4L was founded by Roger Holzberg and Allison Mills. The MB4L team of world-class professionals welcomes the opportunity to deliver customized care solutions for your organization.